1. Most of my friends are girls
  2. My peers tease me because of my love for dinosaurs
  3. Zoroark is my favorite Pokemon
  4. I learned how to read at 3 years old
  5. I can`t speak my native language
  6. My dad is the only one in the household who understands my homework
  7. My little brother makes fun of me because I can`t even complete even a single stage of Geometry Dash
  8. I watched Dora the Explorer. DON`T ASK ME WHY MY MOM LET ME WATCH IT!!!!!!!!!!
  9. My favorite dinosaur is the Lythronax
  10. I listened to the Lavender Town theme song like 50 times and I never got a headache
  11. I am a belieber!
  12. PvZ`s "Zombies on your Lawn" gives me nostalgia
  13. I have beaten Whitney`s Miltank without letting one of my Pokemon faint! How easy is that?
  14. I`m pyrophobic, meaning that I am scared of fire...

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