I'm back! This time I will be giving my opinion on who would win in a fight: Albertosarus or Allosaurus. So get ready to find the results!

Let's compare and contrast them... Allosaurus and Albertosaurus were both medium sized carnivores and at the top of the food chain. Allosaurus, though, was slightly heavier and larger than Albertosaurus. This would mean that Allosaurus could of used it's size and wieght to overpower the Albertosaurus. On the other hand, Albertosaurus had excellent eyesight which would definitly be an advantage if the battle would be taking place during the night. Albertosaurus would also have agility on it's side, so it could be tough for the Allosaurus to catch it. But since most Allosaurs hunted in packs, this would prove to be a huge advantage if it wasn't a one on one fight.

So, who would win in a fight for survival?

Well, Allosaurus obiviously win if it was with the rest of it's pack, but on a one-on-one fight Albertosaurus would be the winner in my opinion. Allosaurus would probably deal many scars to the Albertosaurus, causing it to to grow weaker by the second. Albertosaurus might then use his agility to escape from the sharp and deadly claws of the Allosaur. Using his strong jaws, Albertosaurus would try to snap the neck of the Allosaurus. Eventually it would succeed, for it is to fast for the Allosaurus to catch. Even if Albertosaurus emerged victorious, he would still have many injuries including scars that the Allosaurus could of inflicted with it's hands.

New Albertosaurus

An Albertosaurus Covered In Feathers

See you next time and stay tuned for the next battle! I will be listing it in the comments section below!                             


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