Let's get the new, epic fight on with! In this blog, the snarling combatants are Carnotaurus and Dilophosaurus! Who would have the biggest advantage in a fight? But most importantly, Who would win?

Let's compare and contrast the two! Dilophosaurus and Carnotaurus were both top predators at their time. However, Carnotaurus was larger than Dilophosaurus, which would mean that the size advantage would belong  to Carnotaurus. Both were also very fast, but the agility advantage would be leaning more to Dilophosaurus. Overall, though, Carnotaurus would have the biggest advantage in the fight.  If Dilophosaurus managed to pounce on the Carnotaurus, it's protective spikes would come in handy, not saying that it could use them to ram the weaker Dilophosaurus. 


A Dilophosaurus

So, who would win in a fight?

This time, I would believe that Carnotaurus would've remain standing. If the Dilophosaurus got bitten or rammed, it would definetly be left injured. The weakened Dilophosaurus would probably get up, and then pounce on the Carnotaurus. However, the Carnotaurus would use it's speed to shake off the Dilophosaurus, and then finish it off.

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