Get ready! This time, are combatants are Stegosaurus and Tarbosaurus! Who would have the biggest advantage in a fight? Who would win? Make sure to add your own opinion in the comments section!

Anyways, let's get on with it! 

Stegosaurus was a medium sized herbivore which had deadly spikes on its tail. It also had plates on its back, which possibly could have been used for defense. Tarbosaurus, on the other hand, was a carnivore. It had a bone crushing bite which could severely, if not, kill another dinosaur. Tarbosaurus was also large, being about 10 feet (3 meters) larger than Stegosaurus.

Who would have the biggest advantage in a fight?

Personally, Tarbosaurus had the best weapon/advantage in a fight. If it got close enough, it could of easily snapped the neck of the Stegosaurus. However, Stegosaurus did happen to have weapons of it's own. 

Who would win in a fight?


So, the victor of this fight is..... Stegosaurus! The reason I chose Stegosaurus as the victor is because the Stegosaurus could of probably kept Tarbosaurus' powerful jaws away from it using its large spikes located near the end of its tail. It could than knock the Tarbosaurus to the ground and inflict bloody wounds. Using this 'strategy' the Stegosaur would eventaully win. 

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