OK, so I'm pretty sure everybody here knows there's gonna be a season 4 to Dinosaur Island, and we can all agree we were tooken by surprise. At the end of season two Bionicle announced that there would not be a third season, and, presumably, that was the sad ending of his dinosaur series. But then, a year later, we were all hit with the first episode of season 3.

And we can all agree that our reations were something like this:


Well, by the end of season 3 Bionicle was reasuring and reasuring us that there would definetly not be a 4th season, and he even made  video to clarify that. Welp, about a year later, he comes right out and shoves a teaser trailer in our faces, advertising for season 4 -_-

Let me just say that I'm definetly excited for season 4, but this is kind of getting ridiculous. Next thing we know there'll be a season 5. XD