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The recently released test footage uploaded by BionicleSaurus was amazing. Upon finding the video I just watched it and wondered if Season 4 could look like this. Once again, we are going to look back at Season 2.


Unlike many other Season Twos out there, this Season 2 broke off from the first season. Rather than recontinuing what has happen on the North, Season 2 took place at the South Side, and we got to see what life is like in the tropical area of the island. We also got to see some dinos that were unseen back at the North, like Styracosaurus, Deltadromeus, and Spinosaurus. We also saw how the environment and life at this tropical area that attracts dinosaurs when there is a drought or it is snowing.


The characters were a whole new cast. The other two returning characters, Bloodtooth and Jasper, were minor characters in this season. We were introduced to dinosaurs we feared and like, like in my case, Spiney and Strack.


Now, the action was simple and epic, but the most epic battle I have ever seen is the battle between Spiney and Uno, where Uno and Spiney have a rematch to break the tie from the first episode. The winner? Well, Uno is technically the winner, though you may argue that Jasper is since he killed off Spiney. The action in the previous episodes were a bit mediocre (not including the episode Dino crime trail!!!), but the series was still fun and enjoyable.

Overall Rating

The final episode was a peaceful ending to the season, as well as a shoutout from BionicleSaurus to his fans. So far, this season was a bit mediocre, but fun.

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