This is part three of four in this blog series
Ok. It was a long time since I posted stuff like this. The main reason why is because I have been rewatching the third season,.... yeah.

But let`s go back to the subject of this blog. This blog is about Season 3 of Dinosaur Island, and let`s see how much better it is.


This was the best season of the series. Unlike the first two seasons, this season has a proper plot, a proper story, and a proper amount of characters. The creatures featured were also a bit unpopular (especially Blizzard the Yutyrannus), and we have even got to follow our favorite characters from the North and the South side! Yay!


The characters introduced were really great! Especially Para! But at the same time, characters from Season 2 have been implied to have died (but some have just survived). So sad. :-(


The action scenes were very epic! Especially the fight between Red-Sail,Red-Sail`s mate;Bloodtooth, and Grant! But at least there was no blood. :-(

Overall Rating

I don`t know what to say. It is just epic. Just, epic...

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