1. What the hell happened to Saurina and Onyx? We saw their son for about 30 seconds in season 3. But apart from that... They appeared a brief amount of times in season 1, and then they were seemingly completely taken out of the show!? That really needs to be cleared up. I really hope they have some sort of major role in season 4, and hopefully Revival.

2. What was Silas doing after he left Delta and Dongi? And before he found his mate as well. Just wondering what he got up to in that time.

3. Why is Stoneback not with Para like he was at the end of season 3? Did Para possibly die?! ;)

4. What are Nigel and Bloodtooth doing? Are they dead, or are they yet to appear? Of course season 4 will (hopefully) keep her around for the full thing) Its about time we find out what happened to them.

5. Was the "Bloodtooth" in Nightmare the actual Bloodtooth? Was it a flashback, a new character? (which I doubt) I just want to know what went on there. 

6.  When did Junior come into play?  Why isn't he with Bloodtooth and Nigel? Its obvious that the Tyrannosaurs live together as a family, so it only makes sense for Bloodtooth and Nigel to apper alongside him later on.

7. I think Anubis' backstory needs to be a lot more fleshed out, as in DI Se3 we see him as a hatchling, and by the we see him again he is already a grown adult, granted theres a 50 year difference, but it would be cool to see him as a juvenile, along with a younger Red Sail.

If anyone else has any other suggestions for the next season, please leave them down in the comments! :D

Thanks for reading!

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