Ok, this is similar to Borgy's Dino Digest, And I will probably do one every few days, when I think of a good topic.

Today's question: Which dinosaurs had feathers?



Most likely, no. They might've had quills derived from feathers, but no actual feathers. Also, it looks odd to see something that big feathered. Possibility: 20 
Apatosaurus louisae seguido by emperordinobot-d5t4ize-1-

See what I mean? It's just weird.


Well, that's a mixed subject. Some did, some didn't. so we're going to go through the different groups.

Megalosaurs and Spinosaurs:

We do have evidence of juveniles being feathered, because of Sciurumimus, but it is not known if the adults had feathers. Adult megalosaurs could use them for camoflauge, and spinosaurs could've had feathery "whiskers" where the sensory pits are located. Possibility:40

Spinosaurus aegyptiacus by themorlock-d52xjgw-1-

This would be ok feathering.

Feathered spinosaurus by spinozillarex-d7ajna5-1-

This would not.


Well, this is a touchy subject. There has been no evidence of them having feathers, but no evidence of them not having feathers. Possibility: 50

Allosaurus fragilis by themorlock-d52k6yb-1-

Who said a dinosaur with feathers couldn't be badass?


Yes. They did. Deal with it, fanboys. But there are still some we need to go over.

Tyrannosaurs Tyrannosaurs most likely did. All evidence points to this, from babies being feathered, to yutyrannus. Possibility:90

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