Violet is a female Utahraptor who appears in the third and fourth season of Dinosaur Island. She is known for being the mother of Switchblade and the mate of Razor

History Edit

Dinosaur Island Edit

Season 3 Edit

 The Hunt Edit

Razor is feasting on Patty when a Allosaurus shows up. Planing to steal Razor's food. However Razor calls for help. That help is his mate Violet. He and Violet try using there threat display to scare the Allosaurus rather then fight. The Allosaurus is unfazed. The Allosaurus then chases Razor and Violet off. They then return to there nest. Where we see there so Switchblade. Violet and Switchblade take a nap. While Razor has to watch over them.

 The Tough Life of A Herbivore Edit

Hammer is eating some plants when she sees Razor and Violet. Violet first tells Switch Blade to stay back and watch before the hunt. Weirdly enough there hunting Hammer to protect Switchblade rather then for food. They chase Hammer until her leg gets snagged on a root. Hammer breaks free but trips again. This time more severely and this time Hammer dose not get up. Violet bites her on the neck and kills her.

Lost Edit

Razor and Violet decide to hunt a Brachiosaurus at night. Violet first attacks the Brachiosaurus on the neck. Then Razor attacks as well. They then both hop off and wait for the Brachiosaurus to collapse. After that they eat as much as they want. They then leave and other dinosaurs get to eat the rest of the dead Brachiosaurus.

 Reunion Edit

Switchblade (now bigger and older) hunts a Iguana. He quickly kills it. However being the youngest he has to wait for parents to eat there fill. Before he gets to eat.

A Farewell Edit

Razor, Violet, and Switchblade are all quickly seen by the Pterasaur.

Season 4 Edit

Farewell to Kings Edit

Delta and Silas accidentally intrude on Razor's territory. Switchblade then attacks Silas. Forcing Silas and Delta to flee.

Cut to the Chase Edit

Razor and his pack are hunting. Katana is stalking a herd. they then single out a Iguanodon. Shredder strikes and bites the Iguanodon on the neck. The Iguanodon still tries to run away. Shredder keeps chase but is unexpectedly blocked by a Brachiosaurus. The Iguanodon begins to succumb to it's injuries. Shredder and the rest surround it. They then kill it and eat it.

Farewell to Kings Edit

Delta and Silas accidentally intrude on Razor's territory. Switchblade then attacks Silas. Forcing Silas and Delta to flee.

Turn the Page Edit

Darkclaw tries to take the Dark Woodland away from Razor and his pack. However Razor will not give this up so easily. He and his pack surprise attack Darkclaw. All 4 Utahraptors hop on top of Darkclaw and attack him. They then hop on and off of Darkclaw inflicting damage. Until Violet hops onto Darkclaw. Darkclaw throws Violet off. Breaking her back and killing her.

Appearances Edit

Season 3

  • Dinosaur Island Se3 Ep 2
  • Dinosaur Island Se3 Ep 3
  • Dinosaur Island Se3 Ep 6
  • Dinosaur Island, Se3 Ep 8
  • Dinosaur Island, Se3 Ep13

Season 4

  • Dinosaur Island Se4 Ep 2
  • Dinosaur Island Se4 Ep 4
  • Dinosaur Island Se4 Ep 10