Yutyrannus is a genus of tyrannosauroid dinosaurs which contains a single known species, yutyrannus huali. This genus of large predators have a body covering of feathers that covers the animal. The feathers are mainly located on the abdomen, the tail, and around the neck. The only yutyrannus seen thus far on Dinosaur Island is a male individual named Blizzard

Appearance Edit

Male yutyrannus have a full, body covering of white feathers with, it only stopping at the mouth,hands,and feet. The scales on yutyrannus are a shade of brown. yutyrannus' are known to posses a large orange "crest" on their head, the "crest" was most likely used for display purposes, as the vibrant colours drastically contrast with the white feathers that coat the animals.

Nativity Edit

Yutyrannus have only been spotted on the South side of the island.

Appearances Edit

Known Yutyrannus Edit

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